Netbynet Wifi connector to Opnsense Captive Portal Vouchers


This software import CSV files of vouchers generated with OPNSense Captive portal and issue tickets or letters for users to connect to wifi service.

It's simple to install and to manage:

Follow these esteps:

1.- Download and install HyperFile SQL Server from PCSoft, it's a free, light, an robust SQL server (uses port 4900):

    Download HyperFileSQL

2.- Download NbnWifiManager from this link:

     Download NbnWifiManager

3.- Unpack in the directory as you want.

4.- Edit nbnwifi.ini with Notepad

5.- Fill all the parameters. In language ENG is for english GUI, ticket issuing is multi-language and you can setup this later in the gui.

6.- If you want print preview, rename the file no_debug.txt to debug.txt

7.- Execute Nbnwifi.ewxe

8.- Login as admin (up right button) with password masternbn

9.- Go to Admin menú, and import vouchers, setup fees and setup parameters. The import vouchers option imports all the CSV files the program find in the dir that you specify.

10.- Enjoy! and sorry for my bad english :'(

This software is donationware if you think it's useful for you please donate!

For bugs or feature requests please email me to josua (at) netbynet (dot) net